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Øyelaser har vært en helt riktig beslutning for meg og  det livet jeg lever!

Jeg må se detaljer når jeg jobber med kunstverkene mine.

Kunstneren Peter John de Villiers, opprinnelig fra sør Afrika,  tenkte på å få løst synsfeilen sin i mange år, men  var litt skeptisk på grunn av at han er ekstremt avhengig av synet sitt i sin karriere. Men etter å ha møtt Memira  i Drammen og gjort en grundig undersøkelse hos dem, tok han sin endelige beslutning. Her kan du lese hva Peter har opplevd;

I had thought about doing laser surgery since the 90´s, and over the years I had reached out to people that had taken the operation and asked all the questions I could. Everyone I spoke to was very happy with the results, and I began to seriously contemplate the possibility.

I work as a full time artist, and naturally was nervous about taking the operation, but the staff at Memira completely put me at ease about the operation.

Their level of professionalism and personal concern was a big part of my decision to do it.

After 26 years of wearing glasses my main reason for undergoing the laser was simply to look like my face without glasses having such an impact on my appearance.

I also snowboard and surf and the ability to do this without worrying about contacts falling out (which they did often) is a luxury. Undergoing the treatment was fast and painless, and I was amazed at the ability to see right after the operation. The recovery was so short, truly amazing! Waking up the next day to perfect eye sight was a gift, my quality of life is changed considerably for the better because of the surgery, I can’t say enough good things about it.

For anyone thinking about doing laser eye surgery I would say do it sooner than later, I wish I had! It is one of the best decisions I have ever made!